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Re-applying to MEU

W. Morgan

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Well its been 3 weeks now, I don't know when I'll be able to Squeeze in SOI, as well as I won't be able to attend any Sunday missions for quite some time. Is it possible to simply re-join later on when my schedule is allot more cooperative?

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Pvt W. Morgan,


You should get into contact with your recruiter with your concerns. They can help you to schedule an SOI class that you can attend or find out some other solution. After you have completed SOI, reserves allow you to be in the unit with no attendance obligations as GySgt Carrido said. If Sunday specifically is the issue, the Law Enforcement Detachment (LED) does their operations on Saturdays at 1900CST.


If you have any issues please feel free to contact your recruiter, 1stLt Faigin, or me directly.



Sgt J. D. Stevens

Recruiting Detachment Chief


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