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TFAR error


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29 minutes ago, Sgt H. Taylor said:

Did that log dump happen when you started popping and/or were unable to hear other people, or when they were unable to hear you?

Happens when people try to speak to you. I had a session.recently with all correct teamspeak, tfar etc, and was still getting the popping as well.

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General comment is gonna get real confusing real fast. I'm looking for a specific response from @PFC Bliss about the circumstances under which he specifically encountered the log dump, so I can provide appropriate reporting of that log dump from that specific instance to the developers.

Edited by Sgt H. Taylor
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pretty much, I can speak fine in-game but the radios bug, they do the transmitting sound but can't hear people then when I alt tab this is on ts. After I reload the plugin everything works fine like it never happened, but sometimes it happens multiple times during the game.


Edited by PFC Bliss
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