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Recently started back up Arma 3, squad kinda gaming and really enjoy the communication type games, would love to take a roll but first, would like to know how to get set up with fun, active servers. have taken command leads in similar games aswell as sniper roles, medic, anything really that's needed, not sure how roles work here. any help is much appreciated!

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Mr. Squid-boss,


The 15th MEU has a public server as well as a set of private servers. The public server information can be found in the server information section of the forums and is open to the public for relaxed gameplay that still adheres to a relatively strict rule set compared to most other public servers.


The main unit can be joined by submitting an application HERE and main unit members go through training and play as specific roles in a simulation of a real Marine Expeditionary Unit. Roles Include things such as riflemen, Corpsmen (medical personnel), machine gunners and more. Official Unit operations are only open to members who have completed training and are played according to strict realism rules. 


Hopefully that answers your question, feel free to contact me with any additional questions.



Sgt J. D. Stevens

Recruiting Detachment Chief

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