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So before I went to reserves I was able to set ch 1 on my LR for 70 and set it to left ear, then set ch 2 as additional at 71 on right ear and with two push to talks I could listen and talk on 2 channels without switching between them. Today after I set ch1 to 70 / left ear I set 71 as additional but when I tried to change side it's locked to the side of main ch 1. Can't change sides.

Was it changed or is my TFAR fucked?

Thanks for any help!

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Follow these steps and advise:


  • Switch to alternate channel preset.
  • Set alternate channel freq.
  • Set alternate to Alternate. Should read CA: ##.# instead of CH: ##.#
  • Set alternate to headset ear side.
  • Switch to selected channel preset.
  • Set selected channel freq.
  • Set selected to headset ear side.


Should work. Advise if it doesn't.

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