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Lost Radar Capability - Layout Issue

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Good Morning,


I was wondering if I could get someone from the mod team to help me with this issue. I've lost my radar screen. 


I made a quick video which explains my issue as it's just easier that way. 




I do use the Repo to maintain my updates.



Right side of Layout Setup 


Edited by Capt Holcomb
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Thank you SSgt Johnston. I greatly appreciate it! It's weird because I haven't touched the hud layout in about a year or more. I hit reset and stuff starting showing up that wasn't in the original screen shot. Very weird. 

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There was no change hardware wise. If you look at the layout screen shot. You don't see the SENS/NAV Radar at all. When I hit reset. Not only did it pop up. But I also got one to the left side of the layout setup that wasn't there before.


I noticed the problem had started right before WSD. Obviously something was hiding it or Arma was just being Arma. :ph34r:


Well, it's resolved and I want to thank y'all again for helping me. Now I can do my job Sunday.


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