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So I have only had this problem on one server so if this is not a problem for anyone else than the actual question I'm asking would be whats wrong with the server.


But assuming that others have had this problem here we go...

I can no longer add a full arsenal to anything in Arma. Im using Ares - Achilles Expansion but it isn't working. I use the Achilles module for Full Arsenal but nothing appears on the Object.


Anyways simple problem hoping for a simple solution as its a pain in the ass when trying to host fun ops.


I may be getting ahead of myself so I will try this on some other servers as well.

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From my trials this morning, adding Arsenal via Zeus does not work after the update. Arsenal added to the item in Editor does work when the mission runs.  For example, pre-placed ammo boxes in the SOI mission still load Arsenal, but placing 15th Armory boxes and double-clicking looks like it initializes Arsenal but it does not.

However, the 15th Loadout Manager will still work on the 15th ammo boxes and load any old loadout you have saved in your profile, as well as the pre-made loadouts. You just can't edit them.


What you might do is test pre-making an ammo box manually in Zeus, exporting the sqm to text with Achilles, then importing it again and see if your items saved. I haven't tried that yet but if it works it solves your problem. You can import that text with Achilles into any mission you're running.

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