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I have put together an ALiVE mission for WWII using FoW and IFA3. This will require much tweaking, I'm sure, so be patient and report any bugs.


Americans will spawn at the southern airfield of the main island and are tasked with the capture of the islands. The following supports are available:


M4A2 Sherman

M5A1 Stuart

M3 Halftrack

Willy's Jeep

GMC Truck









Radios for the RTOs are available, as well as a full Arsenal box with all WWII weapons and ammo (this will be the biggest issue because both IFA and FoW have the same weapons. Please let me know if ammo is missing for any weapon).


The following mods will be required:



CUP Terrains - Core

Vanilla ACE 3


Faces of War - Google Drive or Steam Workshop

Iron Front 3 - All in One - Lite - Google Drive or Steam Workshop

Sab's Aircraft Lib - Steam Workshop

Sabres Secret Weapons - Steam Workshop

Sabres Plane Integration for IFA3 - Steam Workshop

FoW Japanese Factions for ALiVE - Google Drive





Enhanced Movement


The name of the server is: 15th MEU (SOC) [Official] - WWII Pacific ALiVE


Please report any bugs or issues here.



Server password is 15alive

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there seems to be a problem with all aircraft on that airfield. When trying to take off, they hit invisible bumps that prevent you from taking off. Recommend trying to move them to a dirt runway on one of the outlying islands to see if that helps.

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