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Burbank Account deletion

HM3 (Ret) Capps

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Its probably been over 9 months since I last logged onto this forum. maybe over a year since my last fill in on an op as HM3 Capps. I tried to log in under my Gmail and it was unfortunately  a no go, guess ive been deleted.


I recently bought a house! Finally have my own space again and was looking to get back into the swing of things. 


I'll gladly claw my way back up to hm3 (with a shit ton of points to make hm1 if only i participated in a fire range or two) but if possible I would like to retain my permarank of hm3 (high enough to not be told what to do but not quite high enough to actually have to do anything) 


My biggest issue right now is not being able to access the tun tavern (second biggest is not being able to get drunk and browse the secret admin tab of whos been banned recently lol.)


Any mods on who feel smypathy for this old devil dog?

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You weren't deleted. The old forums were removed, including the database contents, and new forums installed in their place. I don't know what the process is now, but I'm sure someone in S1 will get you provisioned. IIRC they'll probably roger up in this thread asking for info from you.

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Fill this out and send to me privately please


Name (including initials):




Are you Game Admin Qualified:

Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors):

Edited by Cpl Sikal
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