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Drag/Carry bug or issues?


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I've noticed this from the last few trainings and Operations that the Drag at times even on flat land, does not let me drag my comrades to safety thus endangering not only me but the person in a bad state as well. I have also noticed at times when I release them, they are stuck in the Unconcious animation even if they are awake. Could this be with the most recent mod update a few weeks ago? I did not notice this before happening at all, but has been an issue for me at least. 


Any feedback would be appreciated.

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For dragging the person to safety, pressing (C) will enable you to move around, since SGT H. Taylor pointed out a couple of times.


I don't know about the other issue however, but I speculate that there is some kind of LAG involved in the animation. I tried to release someone after dragging him only to have a delay. I did release him but accidently fired my weapon, so there is that.


Anyway I hope some my answers will help. feel free to double check with anybody else.

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