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Unban Request: storr


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Gamer Name: storr

Date of Ban: 2017.09.24

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Just ARMA

ArmA ID: 76561198148914361

Reason for Ban: Single friendly fire incident with Takbir

Comments: (This is where you make your appeal)


We were playing last evening (gsp, stingray, storr), we joined into an AO being operated in by First Sgt T (who we've played with several times before) and began doing the normal stuff (turning reds to greens). We ran into this guy named "takbir" who was doing a series of obnoxious things:


  • putting on OPFOR clothing and carrying all OPFOR weapons (when we had provided several supply vehicles)
  • walking up closely, or getting into vehicles and saying phrases from the danielfromsl videos like "can we go fishing"
  • screaming "Allahu Akbar" and running strait into fire, getting shot. Then when we would assist and recover him, he would repeat
  • walking in front of ongoing LMG fire once a firing line was established


We asked him to stop being such an obvious troll and leave us alone or get more clever. Eventually we grew tired of him and I shot him when he was farther away from us with my primary and announced that we were no longer going to give him medical attention. We used a MK19 to damage his body so that he wouldn't wake back up automatically.


He showed back up and continued harassing us, but was shot by an AI and we ignored him again.


When I was getting off I heard him speaking with someone (I suppose someone who could do a ban), weaving his own side of this story. This resulting in his ultimate trolling, getting me banned for a first offence of team killing.


Would you consider processing an unban?

Edited by storr
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Mr. Storr,


After reviewing the information in the admin reports and your account of the events that transpired, I am willing to grant your unban request.  Before the unban occurs though, I need you to confirm that you have read and understood a couple things.  First off is that our policy on team killing (even when it feels deserved) is zero tolerance.  Secondly, that when faced with a player who is obviously attempting to ruin your gameplay, that you will inform our admins instead of taking such actions so that we can remove the players who are ruining our servers experience instead of a player who team killed out of frustration.  Once you have responded saying that you understand these two rules, your unban is cleared to be processed (this may take a few days to be processed on the back end).



LtCol M. Alexander

MEU Executive Officer


"Second chances are rarely given, third chances don't exist."

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