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Unban request


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Gamer Name:Ryan  A2C[JASDF 787]

Date of Ban:9\15\17

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?:Arma

ArmA ID:76561198294689797

Reason for Ban:Using Personal arsenal

Comments: Im not going to lie Im in the wrong here I was warned once before not to use personal arsenal, But I did anyway it doesn't matter why I did it I, what matters is that I did it. All Im asking for is a last chance at redemption,I ask because I have yet to find a server that is always full of people who are kind and disciplined. And I am truly sorry for not heeding the warning and I believe that I have learned from MY mistake.     whatever your decision maybe I would just like to say that im grateful for the way I was treated after I was banned they were completely professional.     I await you response.


Sincerely Ryan

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Mr. Ryan,


Please understand that these rules are in place in order to create the environment that we want our unit to portray.  I am okay with giving you a second chance on this but I must emphasize that it can not happen again.


Unban granted, will likely take a few days to be processed so stand by.



LtCol M. Alexander

MEU Executive Officer



"Second chances are rarely given, third chances never exist"

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