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Sound skipping. New mic or Arma? Maybe both?

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So this is a little weird. 

Now that I got my new headset I first tested it's sounds on youtube. Worked perfectly
After that I tested the mic to teamspeak to see if I could be heard. Worked perfectly

So here is the weird part. On the arma menu with or without mods my game audio skippes/lagging. In the publiv server, I can't even hear my reload or footsteps.
At times it fixes itself & works fine but after time, it's continues the "lag" 

This is only on Arma. Not any other game I played since I got the headset has the same problem. 
Could this be a some sort of sync problem between my headset & Arma maybe? 

I checked for updates on Arma sync but nothing

I'm lost for solutions so far

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3 questions.


Is it an analog 3.5mm jack, USB, USB wireless, or onboard Bluetooth wireless device?


Is it operating in a surround sound mode?


Do you have an Intel or AMD processor?

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Alright. Problem solved. 
If anyone knows the IT code "PEBKAC" then that's me right now

Problem - Exits - Between - Computer - And - Chair

My headset I had before this one was alot more sensitive in the sound but this one is not
So my game volume was so long that my new headset could not pick up sounds so well like footstep or reload. But shots it could!
I ONLY had to turn up my game volume to fix this! 

I did reinstall everything to find that out. I feel so.... Arh.. 

Thanks for everyone providing help with this. Smack "stupid" on my forehead.. 

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