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I'm not familiar with this new website, in 2015 we had to update our jackets with our information and promotion points to keep track of our progress in the unit, training dates, OP Dates the works. Do you know where I can find that area to work on my personal ?

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It's handled by S-1 but you can always make a jacket of your own in google spreadsheets or even excel. That way you know what is required to do for that next thing. It might take some haggling to get the correct information for each item (i.e. you need to be in an NCO "E-4+" or LCpl and in a leadership billet to receive your red shield "Game Server Admin" or you need 30 TIG and 16 CSE to receive PFC). You should first go up your CoC to get that information but if that doesn't work or you can't get the correct information, you can ask S-1. 


If you wish I can share my spreadsheet from a year and a half ago.

Edited by SSgt Stone [4th MRB]
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