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Discord 2 factor authentication PSA

1stLt (Ret) Robb

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Hola peeps,


Just a quick PSA concerning 2 factor authentication and account security with Discord. 


#1 : There is no backup to the manual backup keys to change your password in Discord. IE, something like other online services like SMS or phone key activation. If you lose your backup, you are SOL.


#2 : Keep your backup keys somewhere else than on your phone. 


#3 : When you try to create a new account, because of #1 and #2, you will NOT be able to use the same email address that you were using with your old account. Nor will you be able to manually deactivate your account, because of #1 and #2. Once again, you are SOL.


#4 : Concerning #3, you MAY be able to reuse your email address by contacting Discord Support via email (support@discordapp.com) or via Twitter (@discordapp). You will need to ask them to delete the account (this is currently what I am doing, we shall see what happens).


The story : 


Screen on my old phone cracked. I hadn't changed my password in forever on Discord, so I can't access the Google Authenticator/Discord keygen on it. And my backup keys for 2FA were on my phone as well. Now Discord support has told me to fuck off and make a new account. Which for all of the above is a PITA.


Attempting to use the Discord app on PC proved unfruitful, as I had a new PC that wasn't using the Remember me checkbox to remember my login. So yeah. Fuck me right.


You have been duly informed. :D

Edited by 1stLt Robb
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