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Hey everyone-


As many of you mission makers may know, when spawning LHDs in the Eden Editor, the ship is presented as a transparent, blue object with no solid faces to put things on to. So my question is, does anyone have a good working way they have figured out to go about creating templates with LHDs in them and spawning players, vehicles, etc. on them? I don't know if any of the ACE guys have a working version for their trainings and what not, but if any one has a working template as an example, that works too. However, I would prefer to know the method as well so that I can play around with it a bit. Thanks!



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I made one recently and was able to get the well deck and hangar deck set up. I stopped short of adding ACE to the flight deck but with some trial and error you should be able to place some air assets up there.



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Keep in mind that the blue box version gets flipped in game. The only workaround ive found is flipping it and making sure any static props are set to simulation disabled. I haven't found a good way to place players around them.

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