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[Solved] Text box pops up while trying to use long range and short range radios.

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This text box pops up with some combination of tab, caps lock, shift , crt, and alt. This box take all keyboard input and does not allow me to for example input radio freqs. pressing enter will make the box disappear until another key is pressed. i have only seen this box in arma, and it is always while im operation tfar radios. the only way i can get rid of the box is to close arma.

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Start Task Manager and click on the Processes tab. . .scan the list to see if there is something running that you don't know or recognize, especially if it doesn't have something in the description. In any event, right click on the process and do a properties check to see if it's legit. If not, do a google search on the process to see if a possible virus or malware.

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Figured it out. this is a default windows menu for multi language use that allows you to switch between languages. by default this text box pop up with Shift + alt which would be why this only happens when im driving and messing with radios. 

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