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acceptable eyewear for the 15


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15-7. Approved Eyewear

All unit members will be authorized to carry and/or wear the following list of approved eyewear. Only one item may be carried and/or used by a unit member at a time.


  • All ESS Goggles (Normal clear and black, tan clear and black, green clear and black)

  • All Shades (black, blue, red, green)

  • Low Profile Goggles

  • Tactical Glasses

  • Ballistic Glasses

  • Sports Shades (Vulcan, Shadow, Poison, Fire)

  • Aviators

  • Spectacle Glasses and Tinted Spectacles



  • - All Diving Goggles (Except for FORECON diving operations)

  • - Tactical Shades

  • - Square Spectacles

  • - All Ladies Shades

  • - Combat Goggles

  • - Sports Shades (Yetti, Style)

Edited by Cpl H. Taylor
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