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Well I guess i start one post to. Maybe even put some more stuff up later if people like it.


Anyway i did a test recording with the recording build into windows 10 game center ( bad thing that thing there. It cuts off recording each time you lose windows focus like alt tabing etc  or another background application is doing something .. in other words not a good recording solution ) 


anyway here is 41 minutes of the recruiting server with me and 2 other trying out some armored tank command. I personally feel that we worked quite well together. Especially of us all being privates in training and i never used the ace tank think. ( i still need to figure out what degrees = what range etc ) I feel modern Abraham tanks though would do all those stuff them self now in those modern days here. Anyway .. here is the link 


PS: also excuse me for my voice .. coughing etc .. I have been sick the past days and still have not recovered quite yet 


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