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Loading Server Problems


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When trying to join the server to test my mods the game freezes on the initializing screen (Arma 3 logo with fuzzy tv feed background). I thought it might just be taking a ridiculous time to load, but I've left this screen up for about 20-30 minutes. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? Edit: After quite some time the game loaded, but no server loaded to test the mods I had installed. I realized I had the wrong Arma 3 file selected as my executable in the launcher  so I corrected this problem but this appears to have the same problem. 

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Though you may of solved it, this may be faced in the future:


Arma pausing at the initialization screen (after slot selection) is a common issue.


It's likely it's locking up memory. Delete Arma3.cfg in Documents > Arma 3. If you are running Arma 3 on any other drive (than C), edit your virtual memory to be "managed by system" and nothing custom. Most of the time "custom" doesn't help but instead limits memory. 


Also, if you ever have this issue before, if running Windows 10, review the performance tab in your task manager... if you are able to tab out. 



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