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Major J. Smith

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Gamer Name: J. Smith

Date of Ban: 12/25/23

ArmA, Teams/peak, or Both?: Arma

ArmA ID: J. Smith

Reason for Ban: Non-unit member logged in as admin

Comments: Hello, I would like to appeal to have my ban from the pub server rescinded, no one was on the pub server to change maps and I was trying to help the server by bringing supplies to the FOB on Sahrani, I was told previously  I can go admin to change maps etc. if no one is on, BUT need to log out after, and, being the only person on at the time, forgot to do so. However, my intentions were non-malicious and I was only trying to help your pub server get established FOB on the Sahrani map. I would like to formally apologize for my error, and will be sure to contact a 15th member first to change maps etc. as needed going forward. My apologies again,  thank you for your time, and I hope to be able to play with your unit again in the future.

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