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Operation Callus

Task Force Mjolnir


1200 - 0000

Server: TBD

Password: TBD

Port: TBD


A bit to preface; First of all, thank you all for your interest, lets have some fun. Secondly, this Operation will last 12 hours and will be rather immersive and intuitive. Players will be required to practice quick and methodical thinking, and to interact with civilians (Zeus) to gain intelligence and to further help the BLUFOR mission. Don't expect a constant run-&-gun scenario. Planning and proper execution is key. KAT Medical will be used, therefore if you're hit in the field severely, you will need the Battalion Aid Station personnel to be brought back to full health. So plan 9-line MEDEVAC calls accordingly.










PLANOPS Map (Significant Sites only)



Modpack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1980223790&savesuccess=1




SOWT/Reconaissense Report


Weather: Slight Overcast

Time of Operation: 1200

Operation Location: Kunar Province, Afghanistan (Lythium)

Vegetation in the area and its effects on visibility: Scattered wooded areas and tall mountains with deep valleys.

Key terrain in the area: Mountains and Hills.



Situation update

Task Force Mjolnir has been deployed to the Kunar Province in support of Enduring Freedom. ODA-3111, Alpha Company, of the 10th Special Forces Group has been tasked with the kill or capture of Jahar Al-Kharshiah, the Taliban Extremist Commander in the region, and his lieutenants.


Enemy Main Body Forces

Task Force Mjolnir

Time: 1200
Size: 6x-8x Local organized cells
Unit: Taliban Extremists
Activity: Guerilla Warfare, terror
Location: TBD
Equipment: Soviet bloc equipment. AK variant small arms, RPG's. IGLA's, scattered mechanized assets.

Enemy Capabilities and Limitations


Adjacent Enemy Forces

Task Force Mjolnir

Time: 1200
Size: Pakistani Al-Qaeda Group
Unit: Al-Qaeda
Activity: Terror, Advisory to Taliban
Location: TBD
Equipment: Soviet bloc equipment. AK variant small arms, RPG's. IGLA's, IEDs, VBIEDs, Suicide Bombers.


Enemy Main Body Forces

Task Force Mjolnir

UNIT: Taliban Extremists
Defend: Enemy likely to Defend.
Reinforce: Enemy likely to Reinforce.
Attack: Enemy likely to Attack.
Withdraw: Enemy unlikely to Withdraw.
Delay: 20-30 Minutes.
EMLCOA: Enemy's most likely course of action is to attack and harrass ISAF installations and efforts, coerce and force local population compliance.


Adjacent Enemy Forces

Task Force Mjolnir

UNIT: Pakistani Al-Qaeda Group
Defend: Enemy unlikely to Defend.
Reinforce: Enemy likely to Reinforce.
Attack: Enemy likely to Attack.
Withdraw: Enemy unlikely to Withdraw.
Delay: 1 Hour.
EMLCOA: Enemy's most likely course of action is to harrass and terrorize ISAF and local population missions and efforts.


Friendly Forces

Adjacent Units:

160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment, Alpha Company

5th Special Operations Squadron (USAF)
75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Charlie Company, 2nd Platoon


Supporting Units:

(Exact ACE Distribution to be decided at the planning meeting in first hour of Operation)



It is the mission of Task Force Mjolnir to locate, close-with, and eliminate the Taliban/Al-Qaeda cell in the region.


Higher Mission

It is higher's mission to eliminate Jahar Al-Kharshiah, Kaliid Khaled, Mohammed Sharif, and Davud Hectorid.



Commander's Intent

It is my intent to assist GCE as their security and early warning sign for both the Northern and Southern zones. 


Enemy Key Strength:

Enemy has good knowledge of local terrain.

Enemy has well defended villages and camps.

Enemy has been able to concentrate it's forces into well defended locations.

Enemy has acquired plentiful MANPAD systems and anti-air static weapons.

Enemy has partial support of the civilian population.


Enemy Key Weakness:
Enemy has no air support.

Enemy have limited modernized Equipment

Enemy is mainly motorized Infantry and can not maneuver effectively without.


Exploitation Plan:

Task Force Mjolnir will conduct hearts and minds engagements with local populace to gether intelligence on Taliban cell and Al-Qaeda group whereabouts. They will then close-with and destroy those forces and kill or capture their key leaders.



Task Force Mjolnir will have killed or captured Talib/Al-Qaeda leaders and destroyed enemy's means to conduct terror operations in the region.



Rules of Engagement (ROE)
Irregular forces with weaponry should be PID'd, and if engaged, considered hostile and destroyed on sight.
Destruction of civilian property should be avoided when possible.
Destruction of logistical structures, civilian or military, may be destroyed when deemed strategically appropriate.


CASEVAC/Reinsertion Plan

Task Force will coordinate via reinsert net (Long Range 70) to ACE onto established LZs.


Enemy Prisoners of War (EPWs)

Any unit that captures a prisoner of war will follow all rules of armed conflict and treat the prisoners humanely. Search, silence, segregate, safeguard and tag all EPWs and bring them to the senior leadership.



All resupplies will be conducted in-game.



Location of Commanders

Viking 6 will be located where best suited.

Viking 1-actual will be located with the rest of Viking 1.


Succession of Command

Viking 6

Brimstone 6

Viking 1

Viking 2-2

Viking 2-1


Edited by Sgt J. Dolan
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