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Public Operation Mustang - 23SEP23 @ 1800 CDT

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Server name: [Unofficial] 15thMEU (SOC) - Public Operation Mustang

Port: TBD



23SEP23 @ 1800 CDT
Location: Isla Abramia
Time & Weather:
1800 IGT (Weather: Slight overcast.)


Opord will be forthcoming once I gauge interest.





The Yolandi International Airport has been seized by an unknown number of hostiles. They are well funded and have reinforced their positions at the airport.


ROE is as follows: Don't fire unless fired upon, don't fire unless positive ID on enemy forces, any civilian presence you will subdue and detain.

At no point will friendly fire or ass-hattery be tolerated. Anyone breaking these rules will be warned once, if they continue they will be kicked and banned from the server and any future funops that I plan.

EMLCOA: Hostile forces likely to continue offensive operations.

EMDCOA: Hostile forces could reinforce from either up north or northwest.



Enemies with near peer capabilities. Enemy Air, Enemy APCs, Enemy Armor, Enemy AA, Enemy Helos, Enemy IDF (Mechanized IDF, Mortar Teams).


b. Friendly Forces:

Task Force Echo will step off from the USS Freedom and be airlifted to a location on the southern end of the main island to link up with some friendly PMC forces. After getting a brief from them Task Force Echo will proceed to a location where they can call in airstrikes to disable or destroy enemy fortifications before pushing the airport and clearing out all hostiles.


c. Attachments & Detachments:

Task Force Echo

1x F/A-18Es, 1x F/A-18F (detached)

1x AH-64D

Friendly Artillery via CSG (detached)

d. Civilian Considerations:

Civilians are expected to be present in towns. Use of force will be allowed only if any activity is likely to endanger BLUFOR troops. Employment of high explosive ammunition within 200M of populated areas or on infrastructure IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any danger to the task force must be cleared using proper priority radio calls. Pay attention and don't cause unnecessary damage to civilian infrastructures.



Task Force Echo will link up with local PMC forces to get a briefing. After that they will move into position to call in airstrikes before finally pushing in and clearing out all hostiles.



a. Commander's intent:

Destroy enemy operations base then search for any further intel.


b. Tasks:

Phase 1 - Last minute planning and briefing

Phase 2 - Board CH-47s and sling load and vehicles needed

Phase 3 - Stealthily move into a position to mark targets

Phase 4 - Push into the airport and clear hostiles

Phase 5 - Collect any further intel and RTB


c. Coordinating Instruction

All CAS and Recon, will be sent through the JTAC, callsign: Rogue. All Zeus requests will be sent to the task force commander, callsign: Baldr Actual.



All assets will begin at USS Freedom. All casualties (unless critical) will be attended to in the field. Those casualties deemed critical will be medevaced as soon as is tactically possible. All enemy POWs will be stripped of weapons then segregated until they can be picked up for intel and returned to Airbase Mad Dog.


a. Administration

All re-inserts will be done by air assets utilizing channel 70 on a 152.




a. Signal

Baldr - HQ

Rogue - JTAC

UH-80/UH-60 - Phoenix

CH-47/CH53 - Phoenix Heavy

AH-6M - Striker


-Radio Frequencies:

Ground to Air Communication - 80

Air to Air Communication - 95

Landbase Communication - 75

Reinforcement Net - 70

Command and HQ - 13

Loki Squad - 15

Loki Alpha - 16

Loki Bravo - 17

Thor Squad - 18

Thor Alpha - 19

Thor Bravo - 20


-Smoke/Chemlight Notation:

A. Red - Enemy Position

B. Blue - Chain of Command Broken

C. Green - Friendly Position

D. White - Concealment

E. Purple - Mass Cass


b. Command

Location of command: TBD


Succession of Command:

Loki Team Leader

Loki Squad Chief

Thor Team Leader

Thor Squad Chief





Edited by SNA R. D. Martin
added opord
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