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Task force radio error on launch


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Howdy i seem to get an error when launching the mods. It seems there might be an issue with the task force radio. But even with the error message it seems i can join server just fine ( when its empty) Any idea how to fix that ? Will that maybe not cause any issues? 


the error says:


Key not found for signature ....addons\tfar_antennas.bpo.tfar_1.-1.0-f47f6e3c.bisign Test Failed! 



Thanks for any help! 


What i tried already. 

1. Cleared the ask folder and re-downloaded it twice 

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Though status update! It seems the issue is not  taskforce radio anymore but some even more odd bug from arma. 


I verified all my arma files etc and made sure i have equal setup as everyone else and the exact same files. But the error is still there .. just a bit different.


So here is what i noticed. 


The last key that gets checked will always spit out that error.. At first it was the task force radio. But after i installed the shack tac hud  the task force radio is fine but the shack tac hud is spitting out similar error now.. if i change the load error then the last mod is always spitting out the error. Good thing though is that it seems so far that this is not an issue for now. At least not on the unofficial servers 

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