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Name of Item(s): M142 HIMARs & M270 (MLRS HE)


Item(s) Classname(s): rhsusf_M142_usarmy_WD rhsusf_M142_usarmy_D UK3CB_B_M270_MLRS_HE_DES UK3CB_B_M270_MLRS_HE_WDL


Reason for request: Please look at the Detailed Reason below.

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Adding the M142 HIMARs & M270 (MLRS HE) Would give us Rocket Artillery to the server the HIMARs are in active use with the Marine Corps while the M270 No longer is it was at one point. They would give us Quicker Fire Support for when you are doing an Artillery Battery to attack Fobs/ Military Outposts. The M270 can Hold and launch 12 HE GPS Guided Rockets before needing to Rearm and has a Minimum Range of 1000 Meters with a Max Range of 67000 Meters, The M142 HIMARS Holds 6 Rockets and Uses a Pylon System and Has the same Minimum and Maximum Ranges as the M270 Does. With Cluster Munitions being banned on the server the Cluster Rounds would need to be added to the black List as well. The M26, M30, M30A1, MGM-140A (M39), and M30A1, MGM-140B (M39A1) Are the cluster/ Mine Laying Rockets that would need to be added to the Black List of Weapons.

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