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Unofficial 15th MEU S.O.G. Antistasi Now Open!

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Hi all,


I felt like playing some Vietnam again, so I spun my server up after a long while, complete with immersion cigarettes ;)


Server details as follows:


Name: 15th MEU [Unofficial] Antistasi Khe Sahn - SOG - WA (OCE)

IP Address:


Arma 3 Preset 15th UNOFFICIAL SOG


I have tried to keep it reasonably lightweight in terms of mods. You will require the S.O.G. Prairie Fire CDLC to join though,


Also please note that this server is just hosted on my home internet connection (decent but not commercial) and server box (3900X and 32GB ram). It's located on the Australian west coast so you may get some lag, my fellow Aussies should be perfectly fine though.


If there are any drama with the server or you just have a request please get in touch with me, Here or Discord (stealthyotter) is fine.


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UPDATE: Its currently down, I turned the PC off last night, Will be back up shortly, am considering changing it to Spearhead 1944 though, only issue is it can't use ACRE at the moment, so I'd have to swap it to TFAR.


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