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Graphics driver fail


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Asus X550LB Laptop, Intel i7 4500U, Intel 4400 HD, nVidia GT740M, Win7 Ultimate 64-bit, 8GB, 1TB HDD, latest BIOS and other device drivers with no changes or recent updates that may have caused the issue.


A few days ago, I noticed at startup a bit of a lag and black screen before getting to the login screen. I didn't think much of it at the time until I noticed an extreme performance hit in 3d games. . .I am talking ~5-10fps in the single player campaign where I would normally have 30-35. Checked device manager and have the yellow exclamation point beside the 740M with the code 43 failure. Downloaded and installed the latest nVidia driver using the clean install option and same thing. Completely uninstalled the driver and rebooted. Device manager reported a 3d video device available for driver install so proceeded to install the latest driver. Same code 43. Once again, uninstall, rebooted, then extracted the former driver I was using and installed. Once again, code 43.


In a nutshell, Windows is recognizing I have a 3d video device that needs a driver but several attempts at installing various driver versions using various methods, including uninstalling in safe mode, have not resolved the problem. The device is there but no driver is working and my laptop is getting close to becoming a ballistic object. . .save for the fact that I can ill afford to replace it.




DISREGARD SOLUTION FOUND: Read on a website about Code 43 to push the power button until the machine shuts off, which is not a recommended way to shut down. Counted to 10 then powered up and booted into Safe Mode. Restarted Windows normally and the driver magically works once again. Go figure.

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