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Gamer Name: Tykan

Date of Ban: years ago I don’t remember

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Both I believe

ArmA ID: unsure

Reason for Ban: Talking shit 

Comments: it’s been at least two years since I’ve been banned, if the liberation server for Arma 3 is still a thing I would like to be unbanned simply because it’s been like 2 years or so. I got banned because some douchebag private in 15th took my jet because I ran into the base to do something, he refused to give it back because “finders keepers” and I talked all kinds of shit and he got butthurt and reported me to someone else in the 15th. 


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@ Tykan
You were originally banned under the name 'Leckie'. You were given warnings, and then three separate bans by three separate admins. One for the Game Server, one for our TeamSpeak, and one on our Discord. All three were revolving around your "toxicity" and your childish behavior to how you handled each situation. Your wording here shows me that in the last two years you've learned little and have yet to grow up.

"I got banned because some douchebag private" - Shows you still have the immaturity and toxicity displayed in your previous incidents.

"I talked shit and he got butthurt" - Again a shining example of your immaturity to own up to your side of the situation and your overall poor demeanor.

Given your track record of three separate ban incidents, your previous appeal which was just as poor as this one, and this appeal showing your lack of growth in terms of maturity and your behavior this ban is denied. These bans will be upheald as permanent bans and will not be reversed.

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Dude I am a veteran irl I don't care to sit here and write like I am appealing non judicial punishment, it happened 2 years ago and I stand behind the fact that the kid who got me banned was an immature douchebag about the entire situation and I STILL stand behind the fact that I was wrongly banned. Sure I talked shit but it's a video game, get over it, 99% of my time on your server was constructive, I was super helpful and took part in the group's operations etc etc. Hell, when the private thought it was a good idea to steal my jet and be rude about it, me and a few other guys were stealing AI jets and bringing them back to base and he was selfish and stole my jet to go horse around. I'm telling you how it is, I think people need to accept that they would rather be spoken to like a human. I could have easily come on here and said "It has been two years since my ban and I have grown exponentially, I understand what I did wrong and that my actions led to my ban and I take full responsibility. I apologize and wish to be unbanned as it has been a long time and obviously I hold no grudges against whom I was banned by." or something of that nature. I just want to play the game dude, I enjoyed your server, the fact that I remembered it and came back to appeal should say a lot. Hopefully this makes sense to you and you reconsider, my original appeal I was a little out of it so forgive the random cussing and such but again, I am just a veteran trying to play the game. It's been 2 years at the least.

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