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(Approved) Public Server Armory Request: Thermal Optics

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These optics will give snipers on the Pub The ability to kill hostiles in No light overcast foggy conditions. While using Normal Night vision optics are great when there is no fog is makes it impossible to see when there is fog to the point you can barely make out a target and have to guess. The current PAS-13G does now allow proper Zeroing or very Magnification Capabilities. The PAS 13 is set at a dead zero of 300 meters which makes it ineffective past the ranges of 600 meters for long-distance engagements most snipers are operating at. The lack of decent Magnification impacts the ability to positively Identify targets as hostile, or friendly at longer distances.

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  • 2ndLt J. Lane changed the title to (Approved) Public Server Armory Request: Thermal Optics

Looking at older versions of KP Liberation I can see they were at one time on the blacklist, but the blacklist is also preventing some objects that are buildable from being placed so they cannot be recycled for infinite resources. However I do agree the list needs to be reviewed.

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