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Task Force Bravo Server durring ITX crash


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While running this evenings ITX all started fine and after about an hour I got a full CTD. After the CTD every time I would load back into the server and get teleported back to my last crash loc. I could ace interact and set up radios, look around...no problem, as soon as I went to move CTD again. This was consistant for me the rest of the night. Tried restarting my box to see if an issue, no avail. I know a few others were having the same issue.disco.png

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Looks like you might be bottlenecking on memory allocated to Arma. I had this happen to me a few years back after a fresh install of Arma. If you haven't messed with any of your settings in the launcher parameters, you're probably still playing Arma on the base 2gb of memory and Arma is a CPU intensive game. I'm not sure how much you have or are willing to allocate but I recommend at least 8gb if you can.


To do this,

- Open your ARMA 3 Launcher,

- Go to 'Parameters',

- Press the tab for 'All Parameters',

- Scroll down to 'Advanced' and check the 'System Memory Limit (64-bit)' box.

After that, you can specify what you want to allocate.


Just be sure to leave enough for the rest of your computer.

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Okay I will definitely go ahead and adjust that, I just reinstalled about three months ago. I just installed 64gb of some fresh ram too. First time I’ve experienced it so I was unsure if something to do with the persistence. :) 

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Something I personally experienced recently is I had the 3.6.0 beta version of TS3 installed and a recent change on there is causing a crash between the ACRE Arma 3 mod and the ACRE TS mod that was giving that exact error on Arma. You can verify your version of TS3 via Help > About TeamSpeak and it should say "3.5.6".

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