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Every now and then i have been having frequent major issues with my arma game. Get huge FPS drop, all models and texture go into super low and polygon mode. Usually when this happens Tfar glitches out and starts to refresh as if im not in the game. Sometimes after a little it fixes itself but most of the time issue persists until i restart the game. I have read up on it and may seem to be some form of memory leak. Is there a possible solution to this issue?



Windows 10 Pro vs 160764 bit

Intel Core i5-4960K CPU @ 3.50GHz

16gb RAM

970 GTX Graphics Card





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If i recall it happens vanilla as well, although i dont frequently play vanilla. When im playing im usually using our 15th mod set so the crash/glitch happens with that mod set most often. If it helps it has only ever happened on servers, not when im in the editor. 


I am running 64 bit windows if thats what you were asking. 

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Have you tried running the game with either of the memory allocators? (IE, with either the default BI launcher or A3Sync in the launch parameters : Malloc)
Does that improve anything?

Are you actually running the x64 .exe with A3Sync? You'll have to specify it in the A3 exe location at the bottom of the launch parameters tab.


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