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Forum Post Deletion

S. Hall

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Hello, used to be a part of the 15th MEU a couple years ago. You probably know my brother J. Hall.


If possible, could one of the admins please delete my application post? Even after being edited it still shows my personal info when searching my Steam ID.



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@ S. Hall Search engines like Google will continue to have that information cached and we have no control over those caches. The post has been hidden by CWO3 McGregor to administrative access only and the post URL can be tested in an incognito session.


To continue with your Personal Information removed from search engines, you will need to complete a request with them to vacate their cached copy via a process similar to Google's:


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Hey Savage! Thanks man, I was thinking that it was just a “hidden” post and the site was still caching/hosting it. Makes sense it’d be google doing it instead, they keep everything lol.


I’ll check out the link!


Thanks again for y’alls help!

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