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Public Fun-Op PVP Island Defense of Sahrani 16NOV22 @1900CST

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Public FunOp PVP Island Defense of Sahrani

This is a Fun-Op designed for exactly what is stated (Fun) we intend to keep everything professional.  We do not condone general asshatery or bickering.  Everyone is a grown adult here and is expected to act as such.   


Who: Everyone is welcome

What: PVP Fun Op 

When: 16Nov22 @1900CST

Where: Server is TBD / as well as the password

Why: Why not



This is aimed to stay professional, please understand that there will be different skill levels playing and there is always a possibility that someone may be better than you.  The ability to lose is the ability to learn, use it wisely and have fun doing so while you can.  


This Fun-Op / Public operation is geared towards a fun and professional PVP setting.  We will have two forces: Red Team and Blue Team.  

Red team will be expected to Hold security on three given points on the island of Sahrani as they are the homeland defenders

The Blue Team is expected to take that area by force, eliminating the hostile forces. 


Overview:  Both teams will load in at the same time Red team will be given 10 extra minutes to set up their defenses and get to their placements.  Blue team will then teleport onto the island and will execute their organized plan.  


There will be 3 points that the Red Team will be designated to hold and these points must be taken in chronological order.  The Red Team will hold these positions in chronological order as well to help aid with the game flow.  


At each point the Red Team will have one life then they must fall back to the next defendable point. If the last point is lost there is a chance for a counter attack when 100% of the Red forces are dead, they will regroup and then attack.  The only way to waive this function will be if all of the Blue Forces are eliminated. 

Blue team will go by an insertion basis.  Zeus will not insert the next wave of Blue Force until there is over 50% of the team there at the dead zone 100% is preferred. This portion is still up in the air.  The next possible way of inserting would be on a timer. 



Loadouts will be preset to keep the game simple and fair here is an idea of what you can expect. 

  • Cold war era equipment

  • No NVG’s.  In their place will be flares 

  • FTL’s, Medics, and the Squad leader will have radios

Rifleman Loadout:

  • AK47 or M16A1

  • Hand Flare Signal

  • RPG18 or LAW


  • RPK or M16A1 w/Bipod and larger magazine 


  • AK47 or M16A1 (and M79 Grenade Launcher: applies to both)


  • AK47 or M16A1


There is plenty of other gear in these kits as well there is no point in listing the entirety of the carried gear. 



Each side will be using different radios Blue will have the ANPRC-152’s while the Red team will have the 343’s 

Babble is intended to be turned off for this operation so the enemy team will hear you.  MIND YOUR VOICE.

Your FTL’s, Doc’s, and SL’s will have access to the radios 


Victory Conditions:

  • Red Team

  • Blue Force is Held Back for the given time of the operation. 120 mins

 (1hr, 30mins)

  • Blue Team

  • The Red Team is eliminated to the very last point and holds off the final counter attack. 


Zeus disclaimer:  Zeus is fairly pointless for a PVP mission.  Zeus is primarily there for support of those who need it. We will be watching as referees and to enforce these game set rules and to ensure that everyone is running smoothly and have what they need to have fun.  At no point will Zeus spawn extra assets that are unnecessary or game altering, nor will they spawn AI to control.  We will not use our godly zeus powers to annihilate you all. 


Aviation Combat Disclaimer:  We are avoiding the usage of combat air vehicles strictly because if one or the other lost their air assets early they would be at such a disadvantage it may make the experience unfun.  If this is disagreed and is unanimous by all players then we will switch slots around and allow for air combat assets. All submissions for this IF DISAGREED should be sent to RustyBobJoe (Cpl A. D. Johnson) On discord he can be found on the 15th official discord.  Another possible form of inserting members by wave would be to allow for a non combative Heli pilot; this can also be mentioned if you think this should be implemented in-game.



In game time will be subject to change and possibly change quickly during a loss or gain of a point giving the feeling of time passing by with every major engagement.

Step off time will be somewhere during the morning hours.





Overall AO Major AO: Hunting Season






AO’s Rabbit & Monkey 



These photos are given for both teams to formulate a plan if desired.  The extra 10 mins is to prepare your hasty defense plan for the defenders and likewise those 10 mins are to come up with a hasty plan of attack for the attacking side. 



  • Link to the operation spreadsheet

  • Please reply to this post what position you would like and we will insert you into that slot if it is available this is first come first serve

  • Current 15th members have priority over leadership roles though if the leadership position is open 3 days prior to the event it is free game. 


Modlist will be the same as our public server mods: https://15thmeu.net/mods/publicmods.html

Edited by Cpl A. D. Johnson
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