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Suggestions: Invade and Annex


Type of Suggestion: Mission


Describe your Suggestion: Hi all,

Here I would like to bring up a discussion about the possibility of adding to the public server a new type of mission. The new type of mission is not new to Arma, but from what I hear, it may not be new to the public server. I am suggesting that we try and create our own version of Invade and Annex. You may be asking, well what is Invade and Annex. Invade and Annex is a "Capture the Island" style game mode which is sorta like liberation. This is a Wiki from another Invade and Annex server.

“For those of you who haven’t played Invade and Annex before, the premise is simple: your area of operations is under attack by enemy forces, and your platoon must work together to push them back and re-capture the island.
The main objective represents a simple task where the task is simply to destroy all the enemy forces present. Typically, the main objective is defended by roving enemy patrols and vehicles, but may also contain an enemy command and control center. Destroying a large majority of enemy forces will complete the objective, and a new objective will spawn. Any enemy forces remaining in the completed objective will move to defend the new objective. Any players present in the main objective area when the mission is completed will be given reward points (the longer you’re present in the area, the greater percentage of the reward you receive).
Secondary objectives will also be created during the course of the mission. These are special objectives with harder victory conditions, but also offer more reward points for their completion. The objectives may also connect to each other: enemy artillery may need to be destroyed, and as long as it is present it will rain shells down onto forces that may be attacking the main objective. Secondary objectives are only available for a certain time, after which they will fail automatically.”

Also most Invade and Annex servers have dedicated pilots to fly people back and forth to and from the AOs. Armor can be spawned by the "Officer" or "Commander" for people who wish to run armor inside the server.

Here is another Basic Tutorial Video provided by another Arma 3 Community, - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzODgH51IJU

Here are some more numbers, we talk about recruitment, but what can we do to help recruitment inside the 15th? Well if you look at a game server tracking website, such as GameTracker.com,
https://www.gametracker.com/search/arma3/?query=Invade+%26+Annex and search Arma 3 servers, you can see that inside the top 50 servers, there are already six invade and annex servers. Out of that, you can see only three of them are milsims. So lets maybe change the public server and get our name out there!


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