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Generation Kill Fun Op Saturday 24SEP22

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Operation Iraqi Freedom

'Diyala Crossroads'

Saturday, September 24th @1800 CT

1st Platoon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Regimental Combat Team, 1st Marine Division





"On the morning of 4 April, Ironhorse led the Division's Main Effort, RCT-5's attack to Baghdad.

With signs that the enemy's ability to conduct a conventional defense in Baghdad was collapsing, rapid progress was expected.

Commencing their attack from approximately 10 km to the west of Al Aziziyah, Ironhorse ran into stiff resistance not far after crossing the LD.

It was clear that the enemy along Highway 6 had not gotten the word that they were losing the war.

The combined arms power of the MAGTF was brought to bear..."


"As the lead elements of RCT-5 approached to within a few km of Baghdad, the enemy set fire trenches adjacent to the road ablaze, making visibility extremely difficult.

At this point in the battle the fog of war began to thicken for the battalion.

The intersection of Highway 6 and Route Green (the route leading north to the battalion's objective) was known as the 'Diyala Crossroads'.

The intersection was to play a significant role throughout the coming fight..."



After loosing an M1A1 from heavy RPG and sniper fire, 2d tanks has managed to continue moving through 'Diyala Crossroads' followed by 2/5.

Lima and India Company of 3/5 has been ordered to halt and clear both roadsides in the vicinity of the 61easting and provide security of the burning M1A1,

with the support of the battalion's lead tank and CAAT, and AH-1Ws from the 3d MAW's Killers






ROE & Reinsert Policy

Due to the continuous stream of Iraqi propaganda stating they have repelled the US advance, the civilian populace has not evacuated and is intermingled with military forces.
As such, care must be taken to ensure you are engaging hostile forces. Additionally, exercise extreme caution that irregular forces are not attempting to appear as civilians.


During or between engagements, reinserts will come in waves of at least 3, and will only be allowed to cross the LD during times of little to moderate contact (zeus discretion).

If a player has been waiting to redeploy for more than 5 minutes, he may be teleported during times of little to no contact (zeus discretion)


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