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Suggestions: Warhorse and Unarmed Gunfighter Respawn


Type of Suggestion: Other


Describe your Suggestion: I've noticed a severe lack of pilots on the public server since I played on it last about two years ago, and I think a big reason for that is lack of consistent access to an airframe (most specifically in the beginning of a mission). If there was always an unarmed gunfighter available I believe pilots would be more willing to play on the public server, and players would be more willing to be inserted by air. I think that warhorse should respawn simply for the crucial role the airframe plays in logistics at the beginning of the mission. One bug, one little mistake can cripple logistics for hours at the start of the mission.


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Respawning vehicles used to be a thing, and a constant with them is that they will eventually bug out and at best stop respawning, and at worst will constantly respawn and explode over and over.

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