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This is something of an awkward request, but please bear with me:


I had a Discord account that I had to delete (really long story), but unfortunately in so doing I forgot to unlink my phone number to it. Despite the account being gone for well over a year, Discord continues to have my phone linked to it.


The 15th MEU Discord requires me to verify by phone - if I attempt to do that, I get a text from Discord helpfully telling me to unlink the phone number first. This is, needless to say, a difficulty at best and an impossibility at best.


Would it be possible for a moderator to wave me through the verification process?




PFC Jen Falle

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@PFC Falle

We aren't able to "waive" phone verification for a single account. You will need to contact Discord support and have them do a phone verification process for them to unlink your existing account.


They would also be able to assist you with options to close your old account if you no longer use it and do not want it anymore.




HMC (FMF) T. Savage

S-6 Data Systems Chief

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