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Public Server Armory Request


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Name of Item(s): M21 zestava rifles.


Item(s) Classname(s): rhs_weap_m21a rhs_weap_m21a_pbg40 rhs_weap_m21a_pr rhs_weap_m21a_pr_pbg40 rhs_weap_m21s rhs_weap_m21s_pr rhsgref_30rnd_556x45_m21 rhsgref_30rnd_556x45_m21_t rhs_VOG25 rhs_VOG25P rhs_GRD40_Green rhs_GRD40_Red rhs_GRD40_White


Reason for request: Serbian rifle that the USMC has cross qualified on. One of my favorite rifles. Had approximately 7 people agree a 5.56 nato modernized AK platform would be an awesome addition to the box. (Note only selected normal smoke and he type grenades for under barrel 40mm as others are a bit OP)

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