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K Unban Request


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Gamer Name: K. Green

Date of Ban: 28.03.2020 

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Arma

ArmA ID: 76561198047756277

Reason for Ban: Flash bang cook

Comments: I'm here to seek a re-appeal to a ban request back in 2020. Close to two years has passed since my ban, after taking time away to look back at the situation I feel like this is an appropriate time to ask for a second chance. After reading the Colonel's assessment of my appeal I realized I see I did more foul than good.  I want to apologize for the comments that was said by myself. I do want to note that although they were offensive comments they were said in a teasing and joking manner, they were not meant to insult, it's just as if you were talking to friends in a pub. That 'daredevil' flying trying to simulate engine failure in the CH-53 was stupid and was one of the reasons that landed me here. I enjoy playing with the 15th MEU and have been playing since I was a way too young back on ArmA II in mid school. A lot of maturing has occurred since ArmA II and since pre-quarantine when I was banned. My carelessness from 2020 has made me miss and regret being unable to have that communal experience like I did before.  This is a great community and my insensitive comments and negligent flying was unacceptable, you guys do not need such things on your servers, my actions warranted my ban. After reviewing other bans I see second chances is scare. Please allow me the ability to validate myself  and show that I can be better than that of the past.

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Mr. Green,


My comments on your last ban still stand. However, it is purely due to the length of time you have spent away from our servers, and my hope that you have matured as an individual in that time, that I will be lifting your ban. Do not make me regret this decision and prove to us that you are of a standard to be a part of our community. Any further rules that you break will lead to a permanent, irreversible, ban from our servers. I hope you understand and wrap your mind around our policies and follow them without fault from here on out.


Your ban will be lifted sometime soon when the server can be reset.  I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with our server rules before you connect next time. Second chances are rare, third chances never happen.

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Thank you for approving my re appeal Colonel, and the swift response time, this may be a record. I will not take your words from then or this opportunity for granted. I hope to see you on the server so I could prove your decision right.


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