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So I'm getting a new PC, and I figure I should also get a new monitor. I want to keep my old one around for my console, which I never use but have space to set it up.


I'm thinking of getting 4k monitor, but I am on a budget of about £400 (~$550-$600). I did find this, which came recommended on a review site:




There are so many choices for monitors and TVs these days that I'm lost for choice. Does anyone have a recommendation, or advice for what I should be looking for?

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I as well suggest the asus vg248qe. I have it and LOVEE it. Have had it for about 2 years now, no issues, picture is FANTASTIC. They do make one 4k but its close to 700 bucks IIRC were the 248qe, now, is probably close to 200

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I just bought an LG 27" 27UD58. It's a 4k IPS monitor and the only one that I could find for  <$500. I have been thrilled so far. I briefly thought about going to a  21:9 setup, but it seemed more advantageous to those that do video editing, or other work that would benefit from a larger workflow space. As for the LG, like I said I am really happy. Even though I don't do anything that requires color accuracy, it is pretty spot on. I am an ISF calibrator (although I have not calibrated a TV or projector in years), so even though I have not thrown a colorimeter on it I can tell that is well within expected tolerances for what you would expect. There are definitely better monitors out there, but for what I need, it was perfect.


One slight annoyance; all the icons got really tiny! Easy fix for windows, but Steam popups are still unreadable. If someone has a fix, fill me in.  

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