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ACRE issues

J. Morin

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When I load into a server people can hear me fine but I can't hear anything from anyone else while ACRE is on. Off I have no issues. I have reinstalled Arma, ACRE, and TS multiple times trying to fix it. All my inputs and outputs are correct. The version of ACRE is correct. Reloading plugin's dose not fix the issue. Tried to verify integrity of game files through steam as well to cover my bases. If anybody has a solution or even a possible work around please let me know. Thanks for looking at this guys. 

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Been dealing with Acre2 for so long that I would likely be able to help you. Come find me on teamspeak in about 1-2 hours. I will be doing a Cpl course in a moment.
You can also try the steps in this doc


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I'm assuming by now this must have gotten fixed? I'll add my two cents in case you're still having issues, or at least to help people with issues in the future. If you fixed it, please post your solution so others can search and find what worked for you.


Do your headphones have a separate "Chat" or "Voice" channel? Many gaming headsets have a split channel to allow you to adjust the balance between game and voice audio, but these typically are mono only and cause problems hearing most (if any) voice comms in game. Additionally, make sure you aren't using any Windows spatial sound options, similar Surround Emulation in your headphone's software, and that TS3 is not set to use surround. Try the different options under the "Output" section of your TS3 settings, namely "Always set clients 3D positions..." and "Mono Sound Expansion" options. 

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