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15th TS Theme

PFC (Ret) Krusius

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[Quoted from old forums by Cpl(Ret) Maslofski]:


Teamspeak 3 Skins

This is a simple teamspeak 3 skin based on the 15TH MEUs websites colors (the actual reason is of course that i disliked all other dark themes so i made my own, and why not 15th meu skinned, right?).



Standart - v1.3

Alternative chat - v1.3


Woodland MARPAT

Standart - v1.0

Alternative chat - v1.1


Known issues:
-Hyperlink colors are hardcoded trought your windows,preset at dark blue.
-Friends are not represented in green, this is because the TS3 devs did not implement this feature into the costum configs, so its imposible and theyll have to fix it.


Firefox Theme

Thanks to LCpl Bleggi, i now had to have a browser skin, but i dont use Chrome, so i made my own ones. Right now im making the variations, but im using a 1360x768 display, so later on ill switch to 1080 to check ive they still work, or ill have to make multiple versions.

Since Firefox has this feature im just going to put them in this Collection, ive the resolutions mess it up ill make dedicated Collections for those.

Collection link


Assistance and Costum requests

Ive you find a bug, a software update messed it up, a link is down, you need help or want something costumized (TS3 font colors, diferent Firefox Theme variations, etc.) just send me a PM on the forums, hit me up on Teamspeak or hack me and leave a text file on my desktop.




Edited by Cpl H. Taylor
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