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John Delries Unban Request

John Delrie

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Gamer Name: John Delrie

Date of Ban: 6/23/2021

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Arma

ArmA ID: 76561198060323640

Reason for Ban: Shooting LCPL Lowhorn in the face with a M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher

Comments: (This is where you make your appeal)

Server was fucked so we were all on the freedom fucking around. I was practicing firing AA rockets at a destroyed LAV (Because disabling vics with found iglas is badass), when the splash damage managed to fuck up the ammo crate on the carrier. No big deal we were about to restart anyways due to Al Rayak fucking the server up (even more than Takistan does) Lowhorn starts talking shit about me, "You arnt very fucking smart are you." and no it wasnt in a joking way. I told him shut it or I was gonna bonk him on the head with the Airburst. "Shoot me I fucking dare you." so I killed myself and him with it, in good humor thinking at first he was just joking. Everyone laughs and we go on about the day. at this point everyones test firing weapons, talking, and just discussing life. I tried to get Lowhorn to come with us and take some objectives, but it was obvious he was recording us all to try and get as much dirt on us as he could, so we left him till his Viper respawned.


Look I get you guys are trying to make a super cool realistic military server and 90 percent of the time we are all business. But I sat there and was ridiculed by Lowhorn for a solid hour for little shit, like using a minigun to target enemy bots in a town with Winters, 5 minutes after LOWHORN had used a 40mm to level a town and drop our civi rating {No I dot have video proof other than witnesses}  Everyone else was calm and cheerful, minus him. 


Frankly I accept I was in the wrong, I should have reported him for disrespect or some shit, but I never thought he would be so offended by a TK which was obviously in  good humor. If you guys do hold the ban just please dont punish winters. He is new to the server and we kinda all fucked with him until he didnt think it was a big deal to mess around. Outof all of us he is the most innocent


Why should you unban me? Because frankly I like the server and recommend people to it all the time.  I enjoy building FOBs when no one is on, playing support, etc. 


Like I said Im not gonna pretend Im some innocent misunderstood case. I broke the rules. I get over excited and act without considering the consequences. However I dont want this to be a PERMENANT BAN. I accept punishment, but I really dont want it to be forever. I do vow I wont break the rules if allowed to come back. Truthfully because I have nothing else to do on my days off and I didnt realize how much I enjoyed this server till now. Guess you really DONT know what you have till you lost it.


Anyways I apologize to the server for being a nuisance and to Lowhorn for my actions. Hopefully you guys see that Im sincere and I really want back in. And maybe one day if my life isnt a mess join the 15th MEU Unit


So to whoever is reading this, have a badass day,

John Delrie (AKA Big Stunkis)


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