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BattleEye kick


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Afternoon John,

Few questions for you: 

1. Whats your ping to the server like? 
Type this into your run "ping -t"

2. Have you tried flushing out your BattlEye, by deleting/unistalling and re-doing it?

3. Assuming that you are able to get in and physically in the game loading out etc, are you tabbing out or anything of the sorts during this period?


4. When is the last time you restarted your router? Your NAT type can sometimes restrict and be annoying with anti-cheat services.

Just a few questions of the top of my head, lmk. 

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If the issue is external to your PC, it's likely to be the modem, and not the router. 


Have you ever been able to connect to the server and play before? If so, when you played last, did you exit the server normally, or did the server crash, go down, or otherwise boot you?

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1 hour ago, awesomejohn221 said:

last time i could play was before the server went down after the new DLC yesterday "Thursday" i was forced out the game

I've seen cases of players who got DC'd from a server having their player ID or IP address "lodged" or "Stuck" in the server. On the next server hard reset, you might be able to get in. What I'm saying is that it's possible that the problem is on the server's side. No promises though.

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