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Type of Issue: Bug

Date Observed: 05/03/2021

Severity: Minor


Mission Name: 15th MEU Liberation Altis r12a


Issue Details: Unable to connect to the AR-2 Darter using the UAV Terminal on Altis. Despite the UAV being deployed no option to take control or open the UAV terminal was given. This was attempted in several slots and with a quick restart of the server with no fruitful results. Map was changed to Takistan r12a to see if the issue persisted which it did not. I was able to operate the UAV then. Map was changed back to Altis r12a and once more I was unable to operate the UAV Terminal.

Altis [Unable to use]
Takistan [Able to use]


Suggestions: N/A

Edited by Cpl D. Johansen
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Altis and Malden will exhibit this issue, the fix that I have on my plate is to tweak the arsenals for those missions to include the OPFOR terminal and drone in place of the BLUFOR ones.

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