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Daniel'Ban Appeal


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Gamer Name: Daniel

Date of Ban:2021/4/24

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: only Arma 15th public server

ArmA ID: Daniel

Reason for Ban:  2020/10/8 report on me about an incident of unintentional Friendly Fire.
                              2021/4/24 by the  judgement of admin "SNA belgrave" and the member of 15th "Sgt Marin" i been kicked twice.
                              Then i get baned when i try to connect to the server again. 
                              According to the post-event communication, my often joke about bombing civilian buildings also make a part of the reason why i get baned.

If you are also confused, so do I. But I will make some guarantees before I say what I want to say.
As an air support pilot, I will enhance communication with the ground to ensure that there is no friendly fire on friendly forces.
I will not continue to joke about bombing civilian buildings in the game.
I will never bomb the civilian buildings.

Now, get in what i want to say. let's we be honest the Modification of language to express a specific feeling has never been something I do.

I know SNA belgrave try to don't let me feel bad by speak with me as polite as possible, but i still do. I don't know if that is also a part of rule or not.
I didn't expect this thing to pass because I pack a lot of complaints inside of it, but this is your server and your rules, so I respect it.

as this whole instance happen, what i do is just sit in a jet and AFK. 
In my eyes, the whole reason I was banned was because someone thought I was not suitable for flying as a pilot because of their impression on me as a person.
I can understand that by my languages which i always request for bombing the town or city. But I don't pull the trigger without permission on the town and city.
What happens, happened. Your are the legislators, the judges, and the police.  What i can say? I have already been proven guilty.

I don't want to define a group of people based on my personal one-sided impression, nor do I want to make the assumptions of the person have the worst motive they can have towards to me. They miss all the time, but sometimes they are correct.
You need to make a judgment right now.
Is my existence harmful to your community?

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When your ban was issued you were asked to wait 30 days to submit your ban appeal, so please wait that time the admin suggested and please submit your re-appeal on May 24th, 2021.

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