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Archer 1-2 Squad Training Story Arc - The Golden Sun

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There is previous story to this, will probably summarize and post in the future.

On 4/23/2021, Golden Sun Insurgent de facto leader Yiannis “kokkina cheria” released a video allegedly depicting a NATO EOD team that went missing after they and their escort were attacked and over ran along a road north of Saint Loisse.  The town has been a war zone since NATO took control of Malden International Airport to the northeast earlier in the month.  Secretary General of NATO, Andre Olsen, has stated that “All information at this time is on a need-to-know basis.  We are reviewing the film and should the American Marines wish to discuss it with us, we are eagerly waiting their cooperation.”

It is believed that NATO has been requesting assistance with the very IED problem that the 16 unnamed NATO soldiers went out to handle.  A junior officer from Portugal, who wished to remain anonymous, stated “The Marines ignore our request for help.  They are fighting well, but our primary focus should be to get people out safely.  We need to work together!  Now I don’t think that will be possible.”

Further grumblings seem to indicate a distaste among NATO troops for the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, who recently set up a forward operating base on the western side of the island.  From this position, last week, they were able to take control of the town of Larche, eliminating a Golden Sun lieutenant with no loss to civilian life.  This execution may be in response to those actions, as more Maldenese locals in contested areas stare with melancholy gazes at the Golden Sun and it’s far right religious rhetoric.  This video was most likely designed to put fear back into those not firmly in the GS side.

Time will tell if NATO and 15th MEU relationships can be patched up and if the two injured NATO soldiers in the video were killed as well.  We here at ONN will keep you up to date on the breaking developments here on Malden.

Ella Perrault


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On 4/29/2021, Archer 1-2 assaulted the town of La Pessagne, a hot bed of Golden Sun nationalists.  There, they successfully destroyed and IED cache/camp as well as uncovered USMC uniforms, CBRN gear and US money.


Here is a little thing I whipped up for them, giving the world a bit more depth


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