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Ackles Unban Request

J. Ackles

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Gamer Name: J. Ackles

Date of Ban: Unsure/sometime in 2019

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Both

ArmA ID: 76561198065700817

Reason for Ban: Was in A. Homan and J. O'Brian's server that was titled in a disrespectful way to a 15th member

Comments: I was formally a Sergeant and then was banned as well as dishonorably discharged not because of something I did, but something two friends of mine had done (naming a server in a way that reflected poorly on a member of the 15th) I will take responsibility for a poor choice in friends and I understand I am not completely blameless. I joined this server through a direct connection using the servers IP and honestly had no knowledge of it until I was confronted by the at the time (I believe) GySgt C. Johnston. At the time I was confronted I was immediately handed a ban and dishonorable discharge, I had no warning, no office hours, or chance to defend myself being dragged into a channel by only one member. I was told I was to be banned immediately from the teamspeak and also had been told to I could appeal it later and to just lay low for a month (that was not true as I found out I was IP banned from the website).

I find this to be completely unfair and unjustified as I have had no prior issues with the unit and find it completely ridiculous that Command Staff would be capable of wiping away the years of effort I put into the 15th without even asking me for my side of the story. I am friends with many people in the Unit and not a single person tried reaching out to me to handle this issue while it was happening to which I would have immediately rectified as I know how the actions or appearances I hold can reflect either wonderfully or poorly on the unit. I understand that in some semblance I am being held responsible for being apart of a certain group of others that acted irresponsibly and rightly so, and I am willing to accept that judgement. But I am asking after two years and multiple attempts through Major Parks and LtCol Gage contacting command staff on my behalf that my appeal be viewed and handled. I am not trying to circumvent any ban as I just wish to have the appeal I was promised. Thank you for your time and whatever decision is made I will respect from this point moving forward.


Sgt J. Ackles


Edited by J. Ackles
Correction not sure if Johnston was an officer or gunny at the time
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@J. Ackles


Touching on a few points that you have stated above first. This appeal is related to your BCD from the unit on 10AUG19, if you wish to appeal that please seek and follow the proper way to do so.


Secondly, you have completely failed to address a single reasoning as to why you were banned from the Public Server, outside of your BCD which will keep you banned from the Public Server as well. You were banned from our Public Server for the following reasons:


Intentional Team Wounding/Killing

Racial Slurs

Toxic Behavior


As these violate almost all of our most serious offenses that we issue out on our Public Server, your appeal will not be overturned at this time. If you wish to re-appeal and address these incidents feel free to do so and your ban will again be re-evaluated at that time. 


At this time this appeal is denied.

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Can you DM me any evidence for intentional team killing or racial slurs.


The only racial slurs spoken that night were by A. Homan and J. O'Bryan. I wasn't banned from the server when they were so I feel if the evidence were accurate that I would in fact have been banned on the spot like they were when MSgt. Caron was in the channel listening globally. I feel this also would have been brought to my attention by C. Johnston which I (and I believe he) recorded the conversation where he told me I was banned strictly because I was in a server with an inappropriate name.


I can see if I can find all my evidence and upload it here as well as YouTube if you would like.


Thank you

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