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Ban Appeal


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Gamer Name: HA Puzanoff

Date of Ban: 3/18/21

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: ArmA

ArmA ID: 76561198821497610

Reason for Ban: Destroying structures

Comments: We were finishing the map Altis with only a few capitals left to capture, in rush to finish this map and go to a new one me, Captain Stoned, and Orico were providing CAS in F-35s. At first we were helping ground any way possible and were successful in helping our team on the ground with  only minor structure damage since there was some armor that needed to be destroyed and were close to some buildings, but there was no civilian casualties when we were providing CAS. After many hours of flying we were introduced to new type of bomb, a gbu 24. After being introduced to this new bomb we did drop some of them on a city at the request of another 15th member. Others, including 15th members, knew this was happening and never gave us any warnings or even told us to stop. After some time I went back to help ground at their current objective, which was away from the capital we dropped bombs on. At the time I did not understand the how much of a stupid decision it was to drop bombs on a capital, but I understand now that doing something like that was ignorant of me and being in the 15th I have to put myself to a higher standard. I take full responsibility for my actions and I can assure that something like this will never happen again because I understand that there was major damage done to the buildings and I have learned that I must disobey orders that do more harm than good for everyone.


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Denied at this time. Please re-appeal in 90 days from which the ban took place, which will be on 16JUN21.


The evidence against the three of you is insurmountable. Your own sarcastic comments in TeamSpeak, including, "Oh no who could have done that", "I am going to blame Todd", "I want to bomb more buildings" and so on clearly indicate that you were more than aware of the actions you were taking in the moment and that you should not have been doing them. There was also conversation recorded of you guys discussing the loss of frames and how it was clearly the fault of your own and again discussing shifting the blame to someone else while all giggling the entire time. This is a very very poor way to start off your 15th MEU RU career Mr. Puzanoff, hopefully you will take this prolonged ban into consideration when taking any other actions here within the 15th.

Please take your time away from the Public Server to understand how serious we take individuals representing the 15th MEU(RU) in this kind of light.

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  • 2 months later...

After being banned from the 15th public server for 3 months I have had time to reflect on my actions since the day of my ban. I realize how ignorant my actions were on that night and I regret what I did. I should have thought more about what I was doing, but my actions do have consequences and in this case it was a 3 month ban from the public server and I do take full responsibility for my actions and did wait out the entire 3 months. Since the 3 months I would like to request for another appeal for this ban. I will not make this mistake twice in the public server and will make sure to think before I do in the future.

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@HN Puzanoff


Please take the last several months into account when you choose to violate our server rules. The issues you and your compatriots caused were completely unacceptable and the behavior itself was enough to land you out of the 15th if we so chose to take those actions. Any further rules that you break will lead to a permanent, irreversible, ban from our servers, and likely a Formal Disciplinary Action that will lead to your removal from the 15th entirely. We hold our members to an even higher standard than members of the public, more is expected of 15th members,  do not let something like this happen ever again.


Your ban will be lifted sometime soon when the server can be reset.  I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with our server rules before you connect next time. Second chances are rare, third chances don't exist.

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