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ban appeal


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Captain Stoned




Destroying structures

In a hurry to finish altis, near the end right before fresh map i was doing cas with puzzanof and orico. after lots of flying hours and multiple successful precision strikes without civilian casualties or lost structures we where requested to destroy all vics and structures of a certain capital so we can switch maps faster (keep in mind civ rating and enemy agro is at -100) so without too much thinking i was up for the task and was introduced to a new type of gbu i never heard about before that does enormous damage to structures (gbu 24). i did drop ordinance on civilian structures repeatedly and i fully regret that decision as i could of easily denied that request. i take full responsability for my actions as i am the pilot for that incident and apologize for that mistake. in my defence, cas strikes where requested  by a 15th member and i was introduced to those catastrophic gbu-24s also by a 15th member that suggested we drop those ordinance on civilian structures. also no warnings where given to me or other pilots prior to ban mid-flight, while multiple 15th members and admins witnessed three f35s dropping heavy ordinance and destroying structures by the dozens. 
to sum it up i take full responsability at any cercemstances and want to make it clear that i had no intentions of breaking any server rules, at that moment i did not realize the full scope of my actions. i always play by the rules as i am a regular for more that 3 years and really enjoy the public server and i hope i get another chance. cheers 

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Denied at this time. Please re-appeal in 90 days from which the ban took place, which will be on 16JUN21.


The evidence against the three of you is insurmountable. Your own sarcastic comments in TeamSpeak, including, "Oh no who could have done that", "I am going to blame Todd", "I want to bomb more buildings" and so on clearly indicate that you were more than aware of the actions you were taking in the moment and that you should not have been doing them. There was also conversation recorded of you guys discussing the loss of frames and how it was clearly the fault of your own and again discussing shifting the blame to someone else while all giggling the entire time. This is a very very poor way to start off your 15th MEU RU career Mr. Gabay, hopefully you will take this prolonged ban into consideration when taking any other actions here within the 15th.

Please take your time away from the Public Server to understand how serious we take individuals representing the 15th MEU(RU) in this kind of light.

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Hi Murphy. Those comments you mention about me are false and did not come out of my mouth i don’t appreciate that you blame us collectively and i want to make it clear that i did not say any of these comments. 


We did discuss the loss of frame rates and decided that its best to not use these bombs, i have said multiple times that i think the server will die if we keep using gbu 24s. But nobody else warned us that these weapons are not allowed. 


I also noticed that server rules where updated by karelia immediately after our ban and gbu 24 is a weapon that is not allowed to use but failed to warn us to stop the use of it in real time.


I also find the lack of investigation on this appeal to be unprofessional since I’m not even a 15th member so i do not represent the 15th unit at all. Also you did not care who called in the strike which i mention was a 15th member and same goes for who ever suggested we use these highly destructive gbu 24s which are not allowed for use. And the lack of response in real time by multiple members/admins and participants. Ill remind you that I’m not a 15th member and i was flying with 2 other 15th members, called in a strike from yet another 15th member, introduced to the gbu 24 from again a 15th member, while more witnessed this scenario. All around this if fucking confusing. Yet you think i as a non member was aware of the actions i was taking. NO i was not.


i was banned for the destruction of buildings. I posted my appeal which addressed that issue and i don’t feel like you gave the attention needed in this appeal, by you’re verdict that mentions that i will still be banned because of insurmountable evidence of a single recorded coversation that we discussed the drop of frames after using a bomb (that was introduced to us by a high rank 15th member in request for us to drop it on structures) nothing else looks relevant.


I really did not understand that i was in the wrong at that moment since i was told that if you are called on a strike it is not against server rules. Also take into consideration that an AO does not spawn in hostiles unless we have a GCE in that AO and we were called in a strike by the element in that specific AO. 

In the code of conduct page you will find this “Do not willfully murder civilians, destroy their homes/buildings/vehicles, or execute surrendered prisoners of war”

I did not will-fully destroyed buildings in random places, i was called to destroy enemies in an active AO with a functioning GCE with a request to ignore building damage and with a suggestion to use 2000 pound bombs I’m sorry that i did not know any better.


all that being said i am NOT banned for destroying structures.

but banned so i can reflect on how i represent a unit I’m NOT serving in?

Please Murphy can you clarify your verdict?

Edited by Rct Gabay
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