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Gamer Name : Pvt Orico

Date of Ban 3/18/2021


Arma ID : 76561199054498730

Reason for ban : Uncertain, but I believe its bombing buildings.

Comments : Hey, I was flying the f-35 along with Stoned and Puzanoff, I was told to bomb enemy vehicles and I did as told. The other 2 guys bombed infantry and took out buildings. I only used APKs and Mavericks to air strike vehicles and infantry. I was banned from the server even though I did nothing wrong. All I did was target vehicles. Will I be unbanned? I apologize if I did anything wrong, I would please like a second chance. I didn't intentionally do anything wrong. I promise it wasn't intentional, I was trying to target vehicles or infantry in open areas, I was also very new to piloting. This was my first ever offense and I was never warned that I was hitting buildings or civilians or doing anything wrong. We were ordered by ground forces to bomb the objective and we followed orders. I have realized what we did was wrong and we should have denied the orders. I have learned my lesson and what I’ve done wrong.


Edited by Pvt Orico
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Denied at this time. Please re-appeal in 90 days from which the ban took place, which will be on 16JUN21.


The evidence against the three of you is insurmountable. Your own sarcastic comments in TeamSpeak, including, "Oh no who could have done that", "I am going to blame Todd", "I want to bomb more buildings" and so on clearly indicate that you were more than aware of the actions you were taking in the moment and that you should not have been doing them. There was also conversation recorded of you guys discussing the loss of frames and how it was clearly the fault of your own and again discussing shifting the blame to someone else while all giggling the entire time. This is a very very poor way to start off your 15th MEU RU career Mr. Orico, hopefully you will take this prolonged ban into consideration when taking any other actions here within the 15th.

Please take your time away from the Public Server to understand how serious we take individuals representing the 15th MEU(RU) in this kind of light.

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